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the moon will sink into the street
Year: 2017
Project Type: Publication Design
Client: ICA Philadelphia / Heather Holmes
the moon will sink into the street was a risograph printed publication produced and disseminated on the occasion of Day With(out) Art, the annual day of mourning and action initiated by Visual AIDS in 1989 to make visible both the ongoing AIDS crisis as well as the work of artists, activists, and organizations working to combat its many devastations. The ICA commissioned three artists— Savannah Shange, LA Warman, and Gabriel Ojeda-Sague torespond to the ongoingness of AIDS, the im/possibilities of historicizing it, and the effect it has on linearity, futurity, and queerness. the moon will sink into the street was distributed widely throughout Philadelphia, free of charge, as well as online in PDF format. (Viewable here: ⟵)

Excerpt from the moon will sink into the street:
Next to None: One Memory, Disappearance,
and the Impossibility of Intimacy,
Savannah Shange