Where Black Art Lives:
The Studio Musuem in Harlem

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Studio Store announces its third release in the “Where Black Art Lives” capsule collection with our Autumn T-shirt. Designed by Rush Jackson, a Brooklyn-based independent graphic designer and artist, the asterisk motif in these new items signifies flowers in bloom—a nod to The Studio Museum in Harlem as a place of continued growth of Black artists.

In 1968, The Studio Museum in Harlem was founded to serve as a vital link between artists and community in Harlem, the cultural capital of Black America. In this spirit of the Museum’s ethos around people, place, and art, Studio Store collaborated with Rush Jackson to produce these additions, the first of two collaborations with Jackson. “Where Black Art Lives” speaks to the Museum’s ongoing commitment to serve as a nexus for Black art and artists internationally.  Hand-printed on Everybody World’s 100% recycled cotton, this earth-toned T-shirt is a declaration of the Museum’s unwavering support of Black art and artists.

Where Black Art Lives Asterisk Scarf

Where Black Art Lives Autumn Tee

Where Black Art Lives Summer Tee

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