Project 2: Frame Animations

Senior Design Studio — Spring ‘24


As a class, we’ll be designing short, stop-motion commercial spots, with self-authored content of our choosing. We are not required to explicitly advertise something; students are free to explore content and themes relevant to them. Animations can be narrative and conventional, or completely abstract.

This assignment is designed to strengthen our creative processes through both analog and digital means, and to get us comfortable thinking and designing in time-based contexts.

When we’ve all finished, we’ll edit all the stop motion pieces into one piece.


1. Concept Ideation and Storyboarding

  • Hone in on concepts via mindmapping words, ideas, etc.

Once concepts are established, transition to storyboarding on paper with provided templates.

Questions to consider: ︎︎︎
  • What are you depicting? And how?

  • How will you build your animation? (What elements will be comprised of analog assets, vs. digitally created assets?)

  • How will you handle composition, color, sequence, etc.?

2. Production

This will be the process of building our final piece, working in Photoshop using the Timeline panel.

Past Student Work

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