Project 2: Designing a Modular Font

Senior Design Studio — Fall ‘23


Over the next 2-3 classes, we’ll be creating simple & modular font designs.

We are not required to create a full alphabet, but we may find easier than we think when using a helpful grid system.

If you are unsure where to start, prioritize getting into the rhthym by starting off with one word, at least 5 letters.

Finally, we will then use our fonts to create a portfolio piece of our choosing for college applications. A common example of this would be a type specimen sheet. 


1. Concept Ideation and Planning
Using the critical thinking and ideation skills and techniques we’ve developed this semester, spend a few minutes brainstorming design ideas/inspiration for your font design.

Questions to consider: ︎︎︎
  • Will your font just be CAPITAL letters? Or perhaps only lowercase?

  • What will the grid or design system be that dictates your font design?

Starting out: Capital
  • H, I, E, F, L, T,

  • O, Q C, G,

  • D, B, P, R, U, J

  • S, A, V, W, Y, 

  • M, N, K, X, Z

Starting out: Lowercase

  • n, h, m, u, l, k, 
  • i, j, o, c, e,
  • b, d, p, q
  • a, r, 
  • f, t, s, g
  • v, w, y, x, z

2. Analog Sketching and Refinement

Using gridded paper, define the parameters you would like to investigate in your font’s design system.

These parameters do not need to be overly complicated. Work through your initial phrase, and, time permitting, finish your alphabet. you may choose lowercase or all caps.

3. Sketch Import, Digital Production

Scan your alphabet or character set drawings or take a flat-even, top-down photo of it, importing the image/ scan to your computer.

Using either Photoshop or Illustrator’s Image Trace tool, convert your scanned sketches from raster images (pixel-based) to vector graphics (infinitely scalable)

4. Final Step: Victory Lap!

Using your newly completed font design, alphabet, make a piece that can address something your portfolio is currently missing, and something that excites you.

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