Project 3: Collaborative Cookbook Design

Today we’ll be spending the afternoon designing a cookbook collaboratively, as a single-class exercise.

Students are to choose a recipe or come up with one. The recipe can be food/drink related, or can be a non-food recipe of your choosing.

Once students have decided on a recipe, they will work to create either a single page or spread layout for their recipe.

As we near the conclusion of class, the Instructors will compile page layouts into an InDesign template. We’ll then aim to print a copy by end of class. 

  • This is largely an open-studio class, where you are free to work with whatever creative processes suit you (analog, computer, tablet, etc.)

  • With the recipe you’ve selected, you may choose between designing a single-page or spread (two-pages)

  • Think of your recipe and ingredients—how do you want to design the layout? Students are encouraged to find solutions that are illustrative, typography-based, or collage-based. Think of how different processes may serve you. 

  • Consider employing workflows we’ve developed in class (using collage, images, paper, abstract textures, etc.) Also consider how work created in past classes might help your work (ie. using your custom typefaces to typeset your layouts)

Upon Completion:
︎︎︎ Upload your file here!
  • Single-page: 8 x 11 inches
  • Spread (two-pages together): 17 x 11 inches
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
Reference, Inspiration:

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