Black Quantum Futurism: Theory & Practice Vol. II
Book Cover Design, 2021

Black Quantum Futurism Theory and Practice Volume II continues the development of the principles of BQF theory and practice with a series of essays proposing means and tools for shifting the dominant linear progress narrative using alternative concepts, perspectives, and shapes of time and temporality fused with ancestral and cultural technologies.. Writings from contributors reflect on time, memory, and temporality as experienced by people of the African diaspora over time and across space, while exploring how these communities create and enact alternative cultural, communal, and personal temporal-spatial frameworks. Featuring visions and writings by Michelle M. Wright, Joy KMT, Rasheedah Phillips, Camae Ayewa, Asia Dorsey, Kendra Krueger, Tricia Hersey, with a foreword by Estelle Ellison, and cover art by Rush Jackson.
201 Pages

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