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Hotter than July; I Just Might Burn You in August,
Aug 08, 2019, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia, PA

In collaboration with Vitche Boul-ra

Documentation courtesy of  Icebox Project Space, Logan Cryer, Kyrie Clemmer

Hotter than July video installation (excerpt)

“Hotter Than July, a 120-minute performance/film collaboration by Rush Jackson and Vitche Boul-ra, imagines the Icebox Project Space as an open landscape for an alternative spatial experience through rhythmic approaches to audio, video, and the spiritual/fleshly body. It exists as a transmutation of external and internal space, an investigation of repositioning.

The Icebox becomes a space of Displacement, Recognition, Hots before Colds, and a pilgrimagepoint to negotiate the collective and individual composition.Emphasizing improvisation, attendees are encouraged to surpass the witness point to develop a relationship to participation—to Being—that feels fruitful. Attendees manifest agency, and when the space asks a question, they reply with queries rather than answers.”