Imperfect Tools for Navigation and Punctual Reality was an iterative, 3 person show, featuring Jackson, Devin N. Morris, and James Bouché. The project travelled from New York at American Medium, to Philadelphia, at High Tide.
Imperfect Tools for Navigation,
American Medium, New York, NY

Granite (4C), 2017-2018
Two-channel video,
TRT: approx 1 min (looping)

(Curtain wall piece by James Bouché)

Punctual Reality,
High Tide, Philadelphia, PA


A carp, about ready to give up, 2018
Single-channel video, vinyl, risograph prints on two-toned paper
TRT: Approx. 4 min (looping),

Carp 163, 2018
Oil on canvas
55” x 68”

©2019 Rush Jackson